30 November 2005

Make your picks.

Well it's the last week of the regular season. How could we not make picks this week?

Dante's Rules:
Everybody pick any 3 of this week's games (excluding SEC Championship Game) against the spread and the Over/Under. Then put a final score for the SEC Title Game. Best against the spread wins with the Over / Unders being the tiebreaker. The closest final score for the SEC game is worth 2 correct picks or an exact final score will be worth 3 correct picks. The winner will receive two sentences praising them for their football knowledge. Don't be a lurker. Here's your chance to show off your football knowledge.

Check the link for the spreads and over/unders. Make your picks based on those. Use whichever line you want provided you use the same line for spread and over/under. I use BetUS when possible.

Here's Dante's picks:
1. Texas -28 over Colorado: Despite the 4TDs they spotted Colorado, I'm going with Texas. A&M embarrased Texas (and ruined Vince Young's Heisman run) last week more than the score indicated. I feel sorry for Colorado this week. I'll pretty much have to take the Over at 60.5 (BetUSA).

2. UCLA +21 over USC: USC's offense is incredible but if Fresno State can put points on them, UCLA probably can too. I'm going to have to once again follow traditional wisdom and take the under at 73.5 (BetUSA).

3. WV -9 over South Florida: I just don't see South Florida pulling within 9. WV is a team that played good against VT largely because of their defense. I'll take the under at 44 (using BetWWTS because BetUS doesn't have on over/under).

SEC Title Game:
Georgia 20 LSU 17


At 8:35 PM, Blogger Patrick Armstrong said...

OK, its hard to read all them numbers, but I think I figured it out.

UCF -2 against Tulsa in Orlando. (Matchbook). Are you kidding? The boys leave Tulsa at a balmy 35 degrees and show up in Orlando at 80 with 75% humidity. They sweat out during the 4th quarter, and UCF scores another field goal to cover. OverUnder = 57? I see a 31 to 14 score so I'll pick some under.

FSU @ VT in Jacksonville. VT -16 (BetUS). FSU stopped playing football about three weeks ago, and even when Marcus Mexico has a bad day, he'll still cover the spread by himself. VT & the points. The average OverUnder is 45, but like I said, Marcus Mexico may be looking ahead. I smell a 31-7 victory, so I'll go under yet again.

Happy Bear vs Pro-Filax (or UCLA vs USC) The Sword Sheaths are gettin 21 according to Matchbook, but they gave up an awful lot of points to the ValleyDoggs...USC spots the other team in the first half, and UCLA gets hot in the second. I'm taking Happy Bears to cover, and pull off the upset. OverUnder is 74, but I'm seeing 52-48 and that means over.

SEC title game? Georgia 35, LSU 31 in an instant classic.

At 9:47 AM, Blogger S.A.W.B. said...

Alrighty, i'll bite...all lines from pinbet.com btw...

Game 1 - Army v Navy - O/U is 51 - I'm going with the Black Knights +6 in this one. They'll keep it within a field goal, but Navy will take home the Commander in Chief's trophy, which, coincidentally, was stoled from them this week apparrently in an Army prank. I'll also take the over in this one.

Game 2 - Colorado v Texas - O/U 61 - Texas wins, and wins big, but I'll take the Buffs and the 27.5 points. Oh,and once again, gimmie the over.

Game 3 - Free Shoes v Vereneal Tech - O/U - 45 - Marcus Mexico, -14, all day, and all night. Free Shoes has forgotten how to play the feetball over the last month, and will end the season 7-6 after a loss in the Poulan Weed Eater Bowl, held in Funnysmell, Arkansas. Over me again.

The big game - We v They -

Pinbet has this listed as UGA +1, with an O/U of 40. We win this outright, 24-20.

At 12:29 PM, Blogger jerz knows all said...

Hey! Better late than never.

1.Central Florida+3 over 57.5(Sportsbook)
O'Leary has been screwing me all year by me betting against them so I guess I'll drink the Kool-Aid at the end of the year. I say UCF won't even need the points against Tulsa.
2.USC -20.5 /Over 73.5(Bet USA)
I just want to throw up by picking the condoms at all, but as Kirk H. said on Gameday the other day, USC goes ape the week after a close game. This week I play it by the numbers
3.FSU+16 /over 45(BetUS)
The Hokies will win this game, just not by much. There's too much history in this growing rivalry for there to be a blowout. VATech wins by no more than two TDs.

SEC Title game
Les Miles sucks. Mark Richt can't call a play or manage the clock. Les Miles can't hold Mark Richt's jock strap. However, Richt loves to win by 1 score. This will not be a barnburner. My prediction, UGA wins convincingly, Georgia style, 23-20.
Cheers Homedawgs!

At 9:39 AM, Blogger Dante said...

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At 12:44 PM, Blogger Patrick Armstrong said...

I'd argue that I did not, in fact, pick USC to cover (I only picked the over). I picked UCLA to keep it close.

Also, though I may have picked the UGA offensive score in that game, I thought we'd win by 3 points in an 'instant classic.' Though that game may have been a game Dawg fans will want to watch over and over and over, nobody else will, so I got that wrong too.

And I know what I'm talking about?

I got every single thing wrong except for the overs.


At 9:13 AM, Blogger Dante said...

Oops, due to an error on my part, I goofed up the final tallies for the picks. To avoid conufsion, I yanked the original post where I had erroneous results. This time I've written everthing out on paper first to hopefully avoid another screw up.

Let's first take a look at the SEC Title game scores first. Here's what I have from everyone:

Pat: UGA 35 LSU 31 (Instant Classic)
SAWB: UGA 24 LSU 20 (Outright)
Jerz: UGA 23 LSU 20 (Convincingly, GA style)
Dante: UGA 20 LSU 17 (Generic NFL score)

There are 5 main areas that matter when looking at picking the closest score: winner actually won, closest to winner's actual score, closest to loser's actual score, closest to actual point margin, and closest to total points scored.

Here's how we did:
Winner: 4-way tie
Winner's Score: Pat, SAWB, Jerz, Dante
Loser's Score: Dante, tie(Jerz, SAWB), Pat
Margin: tie(Pat, SAWB), tie(Jerz, Dante)
Total Points: SAWB, Jerz, Dante, Pat

In those categories, Pat and SAWB came out with the most accurate picks since they both tied for Margin and Winner, Pat took winner's score, and SAWB took Total Points. Since there is a tie in category wins and Winner's points is more important than total points, Pat gets the win and the +2 bonus. I actually took this pick method from an online parlait so I hope it's OK with everyone.

No, it was not an instant classic and Pat was pretty wrong on how he thought it would go, but I'm not looking at the game decriptions. I'm looking at the acutal score he put down.

Going solely by description, Jerz won in my book but probably not in the way he originally thought. Georgia did win convincingly Georgia-style but more along the lines of Georgia-puts-a-team-that-thinks-its-big-back-in-its-place than a Georgia-wins-big-defensive-battle that I assume Jerz was thinking.

(0) UCF - Wrong (OU Right)
(0) VT - Wrong (OU Wrong)
(0) UCLS - Wrong (OU Right)
(+2)UGA 35 LSU 31
Pat gets a score of 2 with an OU score of 2.

(0) Army - Wrong (OU Right)
(0) Colorado - Wrong (OU Right)
(0) VT - Wrong (OU Right)
(0) UGA 24 LSU 20
SAWB gets a score of 0 with an OU score of 3

(0) UCF - Wrong (OU Right)
(1) USC - Right (OU Right)
(1) FSU - Right (OU Right)
(0) UGA 23 LSU 20 (23? More FGs than TDs? In the NFL maybe, but not usually in college.)
Jerz gets a score of 2 with an OU score of 3.

(1) Texas - Right (OU Right)
(0) UCLA - Wrong (OU Wrong)
(1) WV - Right (OU Right but barely)
(0) UGA 20 LSU 17
Dante gets a score of 2 and an OU score of 2.

So here's the totals:
Jerz 2 (3)
Pat 2 (2)
Dante 2 (2)
SAWB 0 (3)

There's a 3-way tie for the win, so we go to the tie-breaker OverUnders. Jerz was perfect on OUs while Dante and Pat are only 2 for 3. Therefore Jerz wins the two sentences of praise:

"Jerz is the man when it comes to picking College Football games. He really knows his stuff."

Also for correctly picking all the OverUnders in his matchups yet missing every single pick, I'll give SAWB a sentence with some praise in it:
"That SAWB sure knows his OverUnders but he's not so good at picking the winners out."


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