05 November 2005

Just sayin' hi kiddos

This is Jersey finally internet friendly just saying hi, how are u and what the (deleted b/c I'm not allowed to type it) is up ladies? This is my first post and those of you who know me understand my struggle to stay within the no cussin', cursing, blue, raunchy, racy, off-color, expletive, risque, locker room talk, sailor talk, and @#$%^ R rated language that I like to use. Once I figure out the rules I will follow them by the letter(if not the spirit).

Anyways, moving on, not to bring up any bad memories for you dawg fans out there, there was a college football contest shown last Saturday that displayed and inferior team the victor. Now it takes a big man to admit defeat gracefully to a rival. I am not a big man. I saw the game and I am ready to point fingers. First, foremost, and my one and only target is our head coach Mark Richt. He's a great guy. He delegates well. Has great assistants. He will win ten games this season. He can't call a play for dogshizit. Anyone who's played Madden or NCAA football on Playstation 2 can call a pass play on third and long. Lets not try to run up the gut with our non-runnig quarterback, with the same play and same situation that got our star/highest rated quarterback in the SEC, injured for the most important game of the season(flockin' Florida!!!). I'm not at all saying fire the guy by any means. But the skipper needs a copilot in charge of the offense. Homeskillet has got to suck it up and hire an o-coordinator. Just show me anything towards not calling a playaction pass on fourth and long(never mind in the last 2 minutes down by 4 points).


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