14 November 2005

Georgia's football wasn't the only problem.

Since by the end of reading this a lot of Georgia fans might come find me and string me up, I'd just like to note that the following is Dante's personal opinion. It does not reflect the opinion of Hurricane Radio Sports and probably does not reflect the opinion of my fellow contributors.

Saturday was the most beautiful November tailgating day I have ever seen in Athens. It was warm and sunny all day long. Where was I on this beautiful day? I was holed up at my house with a stomach virus. I had about a two minute shot clock to find a toilet at any given time Saturday. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that it's a BAD idea to go tailgating in that situation. It would be bad for me, bad for the people around me, and probably bad for the bushes. I had all the drawbacks to heavy drinking without actually getting to drink heavily.

If that wasn't bad enough, this had to be the first week in a long time that the game was on ESPN. Dante has this rule about paying for TV: "Dante doesn't pay for TV." I have an antennae I bought for $30 about four years ago that gets me ABC in Ashville, CBS in Royston, and Fox Carloina. (I'd just like to note that I bought this antennae before my TV rule.)

Since there's no magical antennae that picks up ESPN, I was looking for options. The first thing I looked into was ESPN's online version of GamePlan. For $20, I could watch all the games on GamePlan that week. That sounds nice but GamePlan is the worst programming package I have ever seen. The only games on there are games that are being broadcast on ABC or some smaller carriers like Jefferson Pilot. Those games are on boradcast TV anyways. Why would I buy them to watch on-line? Furthermore, why is a game being shown on ESPN not part of ESPN's GamePlan?

So after watching the game was out, I settled for radio. Radio's not too bad. I often listen to the Falcons on the radio while doing yard work. I really think football and baseball are fairly well suited for radio. However, I came to the unfortunate realization that Larry Munson is in no way suited for radio.

Now I know those could be fighting words to some people, but I stand firmly behind those words and will gladly take a beating over them. The main job of a radio broadcaster is to let me know what's happening on the field since I can't see it myself. Munson is consistently wrong about where the ball is spotted. Munson often forgets to tell us what formation a team is lined up in or is too generic with his despricption of a formation. What kind of "I" are they lined up in, Larry? Munson often misses key personnel changes during a drive. Munson also comes up with about a two sentence description of the good qualities of the opposing team. His description is usually correct but he feels the need to say it about 430 times during a given broadcast. With Auburn, it was about how they were a fast team. He could easily drop his two sentence mini-diatribe and tell us about personnel changes during that time.

The broadcaster should be painting a picture of the game that let's me see the game in my own mind. When the only information I hear is that it's 1st and 10, then there's a 5 yard run and then a 5 1/2 yard run, it had better be 1st down. There were at least four times during the Auburn game where Munson announced two five yard runs and then told us it was 3rd and 2! What kind of crazy Munson-induced fantasy land do we live in where you have to go 12 yards for a first down? It wouldn't be so bad if Munson had bothered to tell us in the meantime that it was really 2nd and 7 after he told us it was a five yard run. I completely understand that it's hard to see exactly where the ball is spotted from the press booth. It would help if Munson waited until he saw where the ball is spotted instead of just guessing based on the tackle but I'll let him slide on that. It can slow down the pace of the broadcast to wait until college football refs get around to placing the ball on the ground between plays. However, when you're wrong about the spot, you need to tell us.

I realize that Munson is a Georgia institution. I really think Munson would be good on the TV broadcasts of the game where we can see the game ourselves. However, Larry Munson has no business being our only link to knowing what's happening on the football field. He just doesn't give the listener enough correct information to know what's happening on a play-by-play basis.


At 10:01 AM, Blogger S.A.W.B. said...

That's why, at my house, we turn the TV on, and mute it, and turn the radio on, and deal with the delay issues. btw, if you can figure me up a way to rig a delay switch in to my reciever so i can sync up the TV and Radio play by play, you're my hero...

At 10:30 AM, Blogger Dante said...

Of course I can do that, but I'd need to run it through a lightweight computer with a full-duplex sound card. Another (and probably simpler) option that I'm surprised you haven't thought of would be running the audio through a Delay pedal for a guitar and into the tuner. Just adjust the primary signal to 0 and the Delay signal to full and play with the delay knob until you get the desired synch. You would need a pedal that's good enough quality that 0 means no sound or else you'll get some ghosting.

It still doesn't change my strong opinion that Munson is not suitable as the ONLY link between me and what's happening in the game.

At 3:44 PM, Blogger S.A.W.B. said...

I suppose i've been listening to him for long enough, that i don't mind the inconsistencies...and that it's more for entertainment value than deadly accurate play-by-play...


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