08 November 2005

Florida's MVP?

The guys in black and white.

Oh yeah, some of y'all may wonder why so many folks in Nashville and Georgia were going bannanas Friday just before midnight, and why things went awful silent shortly afterwards.

We were watching the Vanderbilt Commodores as they outplayed the Florida Gators in the Swamp.

Having watched Georgia fall to the Reptiles in the Cocktail Party because Mark Richt inexplicably gave up on passing the ball towards the opponent's end zone, Vandy Coach Bobby Johnson pretty much staked his entire offense on the downfield pass.

42 points later, the game was over. This was VANDY.

We were watching this game because it was better than watching Virginia Tech get curb-stomped by the much maligned Miami Hurricanes. Vandy was down two scores with not much time to play.

But we saw Vandy QB J Cutler lead his team on not just one, but two game winning drives in the final five minutes. In the Swamp, no less! Beat that, Elway.

There's only one problem, Vandy didn't win the game.

Why? Awful officiating. I thought replay was supposed to keep these guys in line.

Three huge calls: Number one: the phantom touchdown that only Tennessee and Florida seem to be able to get out of officials. I guess that could be considered real special teams play. But we've grown accustomed to that sort of thing in the SEC, so all the good teams know they have to score at least two more touchdowns than either evil empire to really escape the shenanigans.

Number two: giving Florida a mulligan. I've never seen officials stop play because the opposing team wasn't ready to go. Despite the fact that the refs made sure all Florida's eleven kickoff folks were on the field, had enjoyed some Gatorade, taken a quick nap, and said 'hi' to Moms up in the stands before allowing the onside kick, VANY RECOVERED. (At this point we were delerious down in Georgia) Looked like fate was holding a better hand this time. Vandy marched down the field and scored the touchdown. 50 seconds to go. Go for two, or kick and tie for overtime? Vandy's going for two, we all know this. They've played out of their minds, with their hair on fire and kicking Gator tail on willpower alone. But they won't be able to withstand overtime. They know this, Florida's D knows this, the officials know this.

NUMBER THREE: Realizing that the Gator D has been whalloped into La-la land by the Vandy broadside, and that they will not be able to stop a 2 point conversion with 14 men on the field, the refs throw a late flag and call "celebration" on Vandy.

Replays showed nothing close to excessive celebration. This was a stolen game from that moment. Though Vandy put up a valiant effort in overtime, we all knew how it would end from here.

The final score:
Vandy: 43
Florida: 42
Refs (to Florida): 7

It felt like we'd lost to Florida again. Jerz's quote.

Notice to th' Dawgs: beat the snot out of Auburn. If it is close, the refs will give that game to Florida, too.

Notice to the Gamecocks: Destroy the Gators at Williams Brice. Then your journey towards the Dark Side will be complete.


At 12:09 PM, Blogger Dante said...

I'd hate to be Kentucky right about now.


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