20 November 2005

Bold predictions...

Alright, I'ma lay it out for you folks. This is what my crystal ball forsees for the lay of the land of collegiate feetball...

1 - Phillip Fulmer is OUT at UT. You heard it here first folks. He'd have kept his job if UT would have pulled it out against Vandy, but he couldn't even get that right. The offense has been offensive for the last 3 years, and the events of this spring/summer up in Knox county demonstrate he has absolutely zero control over his kids.

2 - UGA wins the SEC title game...played against Auburn!!! - Call it a hunch...but for some reason, I see Arkansas running the ball effectively against LSU, and out-speeding them to an upset. UGA wins round 2 against the War Tiggers, and goes on to play...

3 - UGA plays Notre Dame in the Sugar Bowl. Watch it happen kids. Here's how I see it shaking out now. Rose Bowl - USC/Texas, barring some serious shenanigans by both squads.

Fiesta team 1 - Penn State. They have a history with the Fiesta, and travel well.

Orange locks in Virgina Tech, as they will now eat Florida State's lunch for them in the ACC title game.

Sugar locks in UGA.

Orange bowl at large team - West Virginia.

It's not as sexy as some of the other potential matchups, but the two schools hate each other, and the game would be phenominal.

Fiesta team two - Oregon. Hot team of the week, will travel exceedingly well to Tempe. Which leaves us with...

Sugar team two - Notre Dame. 25th anniversary of the 1980 national champeenship game. An Atlanta Sugar bowl is almost a home game for the Dawgs, and pairs nicely with a Notre Dame fan base that travels well.

There you have it kids...now, flame away...


At 8:52 AM, Blogger Dante said...

This isn't NFL land where ny team can beat any other team on a given Xday. (X representing the days of the week college football is now played.) Arkansas can't beat LSU. Arkansas is fast but only compared to 2nd tier teams. LSU is just as fast. And whie LSU isnot great at run-stop, Arkansas isn;t good enough to take advantage. And who can ignore Arkansas' new cover-your-eyes-awful defensive scheme they've apparently installed this year. Arkansas goes down (which is hard for an old SWC fan to say) and LSU plays Georgia.

Come on SAWB, that's the worst BCS predictions I've ever seen. Actually, it doesn't look that bad except for the idea that Notre Dame is going to be picked after WV and Oregon. Notre Dame is worth WAY too much money to not pick them up. Georgia (if the beat LSU for the SEC Championship) is going to be playing a good-but-not-sexy West Virginia team in it's BCS Bowl.

At 2:02 PM, Blogger Patrick Armstrong said...

I'm gonna have to go with Dante on this one.

1. Fulmer is not out at UT. Yet. He has shellacked the SEC for a long time. We all saw what happened to Nebraska. I just can't see them gettin' rid of him right now. I see instead a David Cutcliffe hire at the position of O-Coord to placate the masses. They will be back to winning 8 or 9 games next year.

2. We're playing LSU in the title game. They may have the worst coach in the SEC, but they have the best talent. They ain't gonna overlook the Hawgs, and we better get ready for 'em.

Hell, we better get ready to smash Tech after they expoxed the Overraticanes last night.

3. UGA will not be playing Notre Dame in the Sugar Bowl. Some serious backroom deals would have to be made to make that happen.

The only way that could happen is for USC to loose, us to beat LSU and the national championship is decided between Texas and Virginia Tech. But even then, Penn State plays USC in the Fiesta, Notre Dame plays Ohio State in the Orange and Georgia still plays WVU (or USF if we are despised by the football gods) in the Sugar.

We also have to win against GT and LSU first, no easy task. If we screw up now, against upstart GTech and either the Bayou Bengals or the War Eagle Tigers again, we'll be sticking around Atlanta for a Peach Bowl against Florida State.

And the Orange will not schedule a West Virginia/Virginia Tech rematch. It wasn't a very good the first time they played it this year.


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