31 October 2005

Cocktail Party Hangover

This one hurts.

This one hurts bad.

I have to wonder why oh why oh why whomever is calling our plays is calling some of the plays they are calling. QB draw on 2nd and 18? Playaction on 4th & 11? Ball contol down 4 in the final quarter?

Where is the deep ball? Where is our vertical game? Massaquoi is the speediest guy on the field. Let him take off and let JT3 or ShockNAwe show off that long range artillery.

And I think we're doing something wrong in practice. Every time the Dawgs get out there, it seems like the first time they've been on a football field in a week. When we're on offense, the recievers and ends always seem to drop the first six passes, especially when coverage has been beat. Milner picks up that first pass from JT3 in this one and the whole outcome of this game is different. The O-line just seems to let the D penetrate the line, especially when we run out of the shotgun. They're not playing badly, they just look a little rusty. That's why the offense is always pounding the ball at the other team in the 2nd half, the O-Fense is playing at full speed.

And the Defense is outstanding. If you would have told me on Friday that, win or lose, the Georgia D would hold Florida to 14 points, I would take that every time. That's some lights out D-Fense. Themsome Junkyard Dawgs.

I pray that Coutou has not been rattled by those field goals. He should have been kicking from a lot closer than that, from better hashmark positions.

ShockNAwe is still the man to take us where we want to go, but does anyone know if we get JT3 back next year? The way he can run, pass, catch and fight for that ball, we'll be in good hands with him at the helm. That Brown to T3 play was the second greatest play I've ever watched live (the Pollack strip/interception/TD in a South Carolina game is the greatest) and JT3 showed true grit in making that happen. And he'll be hungry for that game if he's back.

Oh yeah, speaking of that game next year in Jacksonville, the game this year really showed off how smart Urban Meyer really is. We all knew that Urban Warfare offense would run into issues against SEC defenses, but he went with the Hybrid in this game. Adding the fullback in place of the fourth and fifth reciever, he was able to punish us on the ground with some serious misdirection. They were able to hit the hole everywhere our linebackers weren't. We've got to come up with a way of penetrating Florida's backfield to ready ourselves for next year, that run game was looking real good at controlling the ball. We cannot afford to let him build up a Georgia Southern quintuple option attack that rolls up 250 yards on the ground every game before going to the air.


It still hurts.

But we've got to look at the glass half full. Coaches build programs and let their players win the big games. Mark Richt has built a great program, but he's holding the reigns a little too tight. I think he loves the Dawgs too much, and if we loose, he want to be the only one responsible. He doesn't want to put it all on one guy (like Terrance Edwards was blamed back in 2002). He wants it all on him. That usually works, cause he's a smart fella. But this is a great team all around, he's got to let those Dawgs off the leash. (I mean, Carrol just lets Leinart & Bush play ball) I think he'd be surprised with the resulting points.

Five years ago, we were 5-2 at this point of the season with the most talented team I've ever seen (what all of the 2000 Dawgs play in the NFL?), on our way to an 8-4 season and a new coach. I remember when the glass was half empty. I remember getting blown out by Tennessee and Florida, Auburn torching us for 45 points, Georgia Tech ripping us for 52. I remember that the Outback Bowl was the warmest place we'd been in 10 years at one point.

Right now, the glass is more than half full, this Florida loss is a sip of that bitter drink, but when we go on to another 10 win season and, Dawg Willing, another trip to the Championship Game, that will satisfy the thirsty, thirsty Dawgs.

Right now we're playing for a whole helluva lot. Our rivalry with Auburn. Tech. Jungle Beasts in Atlanta. Championship Rings and a Trophy for the most powerful conference in the land. A Sugar Bowl, in Atlanta Georgia, with the Dawgs vs Notre Dame, Penn State or USC.


At 2:33 PM, Blogger S.A.W.B. said...

My thoughts on the game...

...ok enough said about that.

I maintain we'll see Texas in the Sugar Bowl, as they'll go undefeated, but get screwed by the lack of any real competition in the Big 12 this year, as Virginny Tech will jump them for the #2 slot. USC will win their championship-less conference again. Should be a fun matchup.

At 9:37 AM, Blogger Dante said...

Gerogia fans are all down right now and Pat has to go and drag us further into the mud by mentioning the perrineal 8-4 Jim Donnan years. I can't even watch the Pro Bowl now. Last time I did I saw Seymore and Stroud anchoring the AFC defensive line with Champ also in the lineup. This was the PRO BOWL! It was also the STARTING lineup.

Georgia made some bad decisions this year and it cost us. JT3 has some skills but did anybody see him look at more than one receiver per passing play? Michael Vick does a better checkdown. His best passing moments were on quick timing routes where he just throws to one place after a count. I think our biggest mistake was pushing a few gimmicks a bit too far (QB sweep anyone?). Speaking of gimmicks, all that running put them in pretty good position to throw out the super-vertical QB trot-around-like-he-doesn't-have-the-ball play that Greene was so good at. Thiakabatuka probably could've pulled that off.

I can't knock the first playaction decision too much because the almighty P 22 Haynes was a playaction and Tennesse bit hard with no reason for one of the greatest moments in Georgia history. Florida fell for it once there at the end. But (and not to harp on a point) we did the same thing a few too many times.

I don't really see Meyer as brilliant here. He's just finally swallowed enough pride to pay the price of admission to an SEC game. In the SEC you need fullbacks and tight ends. Our defenses are too fast on the corner or stout up the middle (depending on the team). The few times he tried to do things his way, we ate his lunch (a failed option and an empty backfield sack come to mind). Even Spurrier at Florida wasn't bold enough to spread things out too much until he had a comfortable lead.

Other more randoms thoughts:
-Coutu claims he likes the wide hash kicks, but I agree that Georgia should've gotten him closer.
-Can anyone remember a game other than 2004 Auburn where a Mark Richt-led Georgia team lost by more than their missed field goals?
-I really miss VanGorder. Georgia's tackling has suffered tremendously this year. Our players are trying to head butt instead of tackle again.
-There is a defense that stops misdirections and most running attacks in general. It was called the 4-3. Nowadays, it's called a 4-3 flex (kind of like how the Beatie Boys used to be rap but aren't anymore). It's been around since the early 60's. Richt seems to like other Landryish defensive formations (umbrella, cover 2 man, etc.). I almost surprised he's never used a flex, but it takes a lot of preparation to get it right since it's kind of counter-intuitive so there might not be enough pratice time in college.

At 4:56 PM, Blogger S.A.W.B. said...

Coutu claims he likes the wide hash kicks, but I agree that Georgia should've gotten him closer. - Coutu likes the wide hash kicks, but he's way, WAY better at them from the left side than the right, which is where he's missed most of his kicks from. The UGA coaching staff has this knowledge. Why, on 3rd down, we don't run left when in FG distance, to put Coutu in better position to make the kick, i'll not know. (for the record, Billy Bennett was the opposite, which makes sense, when you remember that Bennett was a left-footed kicker, and Coutu is a righty.)

At 6:47 PM, Blogger patsbrother said...

So, I'm sorry guys. This one was my fault. Due to an absence of cable and lack of tickets, I had not seen a second of football this entire season. Until last Saturday. Damn SBA and their free pizza at Georgia Theater! In the short time I was there, Florida drove somehthing like 80 yards on first possession. I fled quickly when, after a few fleeting moments with the ball, the Dawgs let those the gators back to the one yard line. I tried to stem the bloodloss, but it seems I did not leave soon enough. Sorry. I suppose I owe Patrick a beer.

At 8:58 AM, Blogger Dante said...

I don't think you owe Pat a beer, patsbrother. Poor tackling and poor preparation had a lot more to do with those touchdown drives than anyone jinxing the game.

At 10:19 PM, Blogger Patrick Armstrong said...

Dante, I need you email so we can add you to this site as a contributor. Please give me a call.


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