09 October 2005

Big Week: Wrap-up

Man, i am going to get in soooooo much trouble for this one, but this is for all the Alabama fans that have had to deal with the Volunteer's version of "We Own Alabama" sung to the tune of "Sweet Home Alabama":

(Insert music to Rocky Top here:)

Everybody knows that the Dawgs own Rocky Top
Deep in the Tennessee Hills,
I love it when the Dawgs can climb up Rocky Top
And come down with that win.

Rocky Top, you'll always be over-rated to me.
Good old Rocky Top,
And to Hell with Tennessee!

Well, here's how the pickin's went...

Red River Blowout

Jerz = no pick (0-0)
Pat = Texas big (1-0)
SAWB = Texas big (1-0)
Dante = Texas big (1-0)

Happy Valley Hardball

Jerz = Ohio State big (0-1)
Pat = Ohio State little (1-1)
SAWB = Ohio State close (1-1)
Date = Ohio State medium (1-1)

The Other California Teams

Jerz = They don't play football out west (0-1)
Pat = Ugly Bear (1-2)
SAWB = Plastic Bear (2-1)
Dante = There's no West Coast in football (1-1)
**Actually, "There's no West Coast in football," was the author's loose interpretation of what Dante said, not what he actually said. This item is cleared up in the comments section below....

SEC East Championship Qualifier Game 2

Jerz = Dawgs 24-14 **closest score pick award** (1-1)
Pat = Dawgs close (2-2)
SAWB = Dawgs definitive (3-1)
Dante = Dawgs O-line (2-1)

So far that means Athens is 5-2 on pickin's and St. Simons is 3-3. There is something in the water down here...on to next week.


At 11:21 PM, Blogger Dante said...

Hey, I never said there is no West Coast in football. I just said that I don't care about it. There's a professional baseball league out in Japan. I've even heard there's a "National League" in major league baseball. (That team "The Braves" that interrupts the Clark Howard show from time to time plays there.) That doesn't mean I know enough about them to make picks.

USC has been getting a lot of spolight ever since Carroll took over there, so I know a little about them. The only things I know about UCLA and Cal are:
1. Troy Aikman played for UCLA.
2. UCLA played Arkansas in the 1989 Cotton Bowl and beat them.
3. I'm pretty sure that clip they love to show of the marching band going out of the field before the end of the game involved Cal. I could be wrong.
4. Cal upset USC a while back (within the last 5 years).

Making a pick based on my knowledge of both teams (which is listed above in its entirety) would be most irresponsible on my part.

At 7:18 PM, Blogger Patrick Armstrong said...

True, what I said is an oversimplification. I apologise to both you and the football gods you consult with. No need to make you or them agitated. It was more 'East Coast Bias' on my part than yours.

Needless to say, lack of knowledge has never stopped us from making picks before, (which may explain why ESPN's Mark May still is employed...). Hell, look at how well I did on picks, and I still get to write on a Sports Blog.

We won't even get into Jerz and My Top 25 picks, where we had Michigan and Iowa, respectively, vacationing in Pasadena come January.

But we have reached the first milestone of the season (that being Oklahoma-Texas and Georgia-Tennessee) so new Top 25's are in order and shall be appearing soon.

You may want to get some of those football gods on the phone.


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