06 October 2005

The Big Week: Headlines

The week before the Georgia-Florida game is always an exciting week, the drive to South Georgia or North Florida (or Michigan, for some of us), the crazy atmosphere of St Simons and Jacksonville, the church bells ringing and car horns honking if Georgia wins. It's a good week.

Then there's Georgia-Tennessee.

This is a week that is always somewhat tense, and off kilter. Though the Dawgs are 4-1 against the Vols this Century, the Big Orange Monkey still feels like he's there. Not really on our backs anymore, but throwing his poo at us from a cage. I always feel drained or sick this week, and I'm always looking over my shoulder for that Waffle House coloration to come crashing down. When I look at the college football season, I can never see past this week. This week is the difference between a shot at the SEC Championship and all the Glory that Entails, or a visit to the Cheese and Cracker Bowl against the Biggest of the Ten or Eleven Chumps. Not that I'm complaining about the Bowl invite, mind you - I don't take anything for granted after watching Donnan's Devil Dawgs for so many years. I'd just rather see us beat Tennessee than any other team on our schedule. Especially in Knoxville.

But the sports world spins forward, my griping aside.

Sugar Covered Peaches Bowl comes to Atlanta as the Sugar Bowl moves out of Louisiana for the first time ever. This game will become the big show of a tripleheader in the ATL: Peach Bowl, Falcons At Home, Sugar Bowl in the course of four days. Happy Flying New Year, Y'all. Depending on the teams that are playing in the bowl and the Falcon's playoff chances, that could be one of the best football weekends for a city, ever.

In politics-is-never-far-away-from-sports-(unfortunately)-news, the Governors of Texas and Oklahoma are bettin' on the Red River Shootout. But they aren't being real fun about it. In this kind of deal, you can either have scandal or you can have fun. These guys have decided to wrap it up in charity and talk smack. Now, I love giving to charity, but we follow sports so we don't have to think about the big bad world outside the stadium or the TV box for three and a half hours. (Though I guess Oklahoma can't even do that any more, having been subjected to the first halftime suicide bombing during the K-State-OU game.) But talking smack? Somebody out in Texas outta give His Excellency the Governor Perry a little Lou Holtz style lesson on 'locker room motivational material.'

But you know what they say about politicians and the things they put in their mouths.

Last headline and then on to the breakdowns: Bet you can't guess who made the National High School Top 20 can ya? They are a little school some of our dearest friends graduated from. That's right kids, Camden County Wildcats are the #20 High School Team in the United States of America. While Brunswick High School is still having attendance issues. (Or that's what we call 'em anyway.)

On to the breakdowns!


At 9:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 9:56 AM, Blogger Dante said...

The schools on this High School Top 20 are for the most part football factories. Camden is no exception. My wife graduated from there and my mother-in-law teaches at Camden Middle so I know a little bit about the place. There's ONE high school in the county (which encompasses 630 square miles of land). Some kids have to drive upwards of 45 minutes to get to high school in the morning! The official population is 43,644 af of 2000 but it is actually quite a bit higher due to Navy families claiming residence elsewhere for tax purposes (like Florida).

Camden will NOT split their high school due to their football program. When the state finally told them the high school population was too high, they opted to build a 9th grade center instead of doing what anyone else would do and build a school on the north end of the county.

They're not the only school like this on the list. Longview ISD is the same way (but at least they have a Whataburger in their town).

Carroll being #1 is also an absolute joke. There is big football factory in Texas called Wilmer Hutchins. My mom went there. Wilmer Hutchins ISD built a new high school that wasn't at all up to code so the state wouldn't let them hold classes there. All of the Wilmer Hutchins kids had to go to school elsewhere this season.

Nowadays (and even back when my mom went ther), Wilmer Hutchins is by and large a big Section 8 wonderland, but the surrounding towns were fighting for these kids so they could get the football players. Carroll ended up with ALL of them. Look up Southlake, TX on a map and then look up Wilmer, TX. It's almost on the other side of the Metroplex! Somewhere like Lancaster or Red Oak should've ended up with these kids logistically.

A really like high school football but I really hate to see it being the policy-driving force it is in a lot of schools.


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