06 October 2005

The Big Week: Analysis

Best analysis of this upcoming week is written by ESPN's college footbal guru Pat Forde. Who proves, once again, why Sports Illustrated has to produce a swimsuit issue and give crap away.

But that doesn't stop me from enjoying Sports Illustrated's Inside College Football with Stewart Mandel. He is much funnier and more entertaining to read, than Forde.

And you just can't forget Ivan Maisel. His big story this week is how Alabama start WR Protho's leg breaking should not be blamed on head coach Shula. He's right. For any of us who saw the nightmarish injury, and had the subsequent nightmares to go with it, we all know that injuries like that are just freak accidents that noone can prepare for or predict. That could have happened on the first play of the game or it could have happened Monday when Protho walked to class. It's just one of those things. We can only hope the guy is able to play next year.

Now for Game Predictions I've asked Jerz about these too. But if you scroll down to our #1 picks in our respective Top 25's, don't be too confident in what you see here.

Red River Shootout, Texas-Oklahoma

Patrick: Texas should win this game going away. The only thing wrong with my Oklahoma Top 25 is that I ranked them at all. The wheels have come off in Norman, and the Longhorns are going to pile it on like its going out of style. 45-17 Texas.

Jerz: Oklahoma is to Texas what Florida is to Georgia. OU may be on their way to a 5 loss season, but if there is one game they want to win, this is it. This is also still a Mack Brown team, and the ghost of Chris Simms may show back up. Coin flip.

Penn/Ohio States

Jerz: Penn State is overrated and this one is going to be a mini-blowout: 21-3.

Patrick: Ohio State is back to their old ways of dominating D and just enough offense. Buckeyes 24-21 in an ugly game - one of those, when did they score that touchdown? games with a lot of punting - that somehow goes on to become an 'instant classic.'

Ugly Bear vs Happy Bear: California - UCLA

Jerz: I don't care. The line is 3 and they play in the Pac-10. (Look of disgust on face.)

Patrick: This is going to be a fun game to watch, West Coast style. A lot of ridiculous big plays that teams can never get away with in the SEC or Big Ten. Neither team has played anyone, but I just see Cal with the experience to make this happen, and break the home game winner's streak in the series. California 38-34.

The Big Orange Tinkertoy: Georgia vs Tennessee and 115K screaming people. Those people will be neither shiny nor happy.

Jerz: Georgia can win this game. We're going to run the ball at them, but they're going to stay close. We'll win by around ten. Georgia 24-14.

Patrick: Ball control will win this game. The Dawgs must stay on the field and punish the Tennessee front seven to wear them out. The game will be decided between the Tennessee D and the Dawgs O-Line. In Knoxville that give the Vols the edge. The Vols have an anemic offense with one cool customer in Clausen (who won't lose the game like Ainge can) and one real weapon in Riggs. Georgia's D can contain Riggs and keep big plays to a minimum, if they don't have to play the whole first half of football. If Georgia is going to win, they have to jump out quickly and make Tennessee come back the whole game. They can't stop pouring it on like LSU did, this isn't that kind of game. That will put the pressure on Tennessee's offense, it's weakest link. But if Tennessee is within 10 points going into the 4th quarter, look for the upset, the Dawgs might not be able to hang on. This could turn into a second half track meet.

But here's what I see happening: the Vols D is excellent, but is constantly let down by their offense. Georgia's D is opportunistic and may give up points, but will win the turnover battle. That will put the Vols in a hole. Unlike LSU, the Dawgs know how to finish a game, and have so many weapons at the run that they'll be able to control that clock. Georgia wins a closer game than the score demonstrates. 38-21.



At 9:24 AM, Blogger Dante said...

Dante's Game Phorphecies:

Red River:
Texas will lose exactly one of three games: Oklahoma, A&M, or the Big 12 Championship. However, I'm picking Texas here because I think Oklahoma has angered the football gods by not playing their backups enough last year. The football gods do not smite teams merely for running up the score but be mightily afraid if you run up the score by leaving your starters in the whole game. Oklahoma will spend some time in the college football wilderness for their transgressions. No player on this current team will know true victory because of Stoops' grevious mistake.

Penn/Ohio State:
The football gods do not like chest thumping and Penn State has been doing entirely too much of that lately. They've only played one real game. Expect the football gods to side with Ohio State this week. Ohio State is a good team and the football gods know that Penn State set up this year's schedule to pad ol' Joe's win record. They will not be amused.

The football dieties I confer with care not for the state of California. You'll have to consult the West Coast football gods for the outcome of this game. All I get from them is "Reply hazy, try again later." I get the idea they don't care about this game either.

Neither team has done much to anger the football gods here. Florida got their retribution for having a blitz wacky defense by falling at the hands of once-proud Bama. Vandy thumped their chests and then lost to Middle TN. All is good in the SEC.

Tennesee is favored by 3 last I checked which completely invalidates the ranking system in my mind, but the football gods do not punish teams because of the iniquities of the bookies and pollsters.

The football gods will smile upon the team whose offensive line plays the best (which appears to be GA to me right now despite the injury at guard). You cannot gorget the second commandment: "Thou shalt be no better than your offensive line (but you can be much worse)."

At 10:26 AM, Blogger S.A.W.B. said...

I figure I'd better chime in here, before I get pegged as a non-picker...

UT-Okies - Oklahoma will get up for this game, in the morning, and then they'll eat breakfast. This will be the last time anything goes the Sooners way today. Oklahoma doesn't have the horses on offense to keep up in a shootout, and their defense won't be able to contain the Texas offense. UT in a romp, 51-7.

Penn State-Ohio State - JoePa has done a fine job this year of ressurecting a long proud program. Ohio State has done a good job of winning and losing ugly. OSU wins today, and continues the trend, 13-7 Buckeyes.

Hippie nutjobs-plastic people - UCLA is now a one point favorite, according to pinbet.com. What does this mean? Not one damned thing. UCLA wins, 28-24, because I like the plastic people more than the hippie nutjobs.

We-They - I'll say it right now. Georgia wins this game. Convincingly. Tennessee has too many holes on the offensive line to stop the Georgia defensive onslaught. Greg Blue may very well decapitate a couple of UT recievers. Tennessee doesn't have enough speed on defense to cover all of Georgia's playmakers on offense. Shockley runs for 100, throws for 200, and the 5 headed backfield of Georgia romps for another 200 yards. Georgia 31, Tennesee 17.


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