16 September 2005

Class Acts

Keep stuff like this in mind next time some stuck up midwesterner starts talking trash about southern sports.

Classy Big Ten Fans 1.

Classy Big Ten Fans 2.

Oh, yeah, then there's trouble in Oklahoma.


At 9:33 AM, Blogger Dante said...

I'm not saying Peterson isn't important to Oklahoma's offense, but whether ot not Peterson plays has nothing to do with Oklahoma being in trouble.

Oklahoma is in trouble because Stoops was more concerned with running up the score last year than he was about giving his backups playing time. How many insanely lopsided games did Stoops have where he kept his starters in almost the whole time? I'm not one of those running-up-the-score-isn't-classy kind of guys. If you want to whip some schoold 100-3 that's fine by me. Just make sure while you're out there trying to impress reporters and coaches that you give your backup crew a little playing time. After all, they're typically the ones who take over when your starters graduate.

My cousin is a HUGE OK fan (who lives in San Antonio?) and we had this converstion during last season (right after I informed her of my not-so-startling prediction that USC was going to beat OK). She bought the company line that they had to run up the score to remain #2. I had to point out that OK is Big 12. That's as good as gold in the eyes of both polls. "When in doubt, go with the Big 12" seems to be the logic I see. Anyone remember a certain Nation Title game Nebraska just didn't belong in? Besided, if you have to do something like that just to keep your ranking, do you really belong in the national title game?

Peterson not playing can certainly bring down this team, but it wouldn't be so bad if his backup had a few more carries under his belt.


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