18 August 2005

The Take on the SEC

Here's the projected finish. If you feel disrespected, Mandel also called the Big XII South the "toughest division in college football." What's really funny is at press time, the title to this link was "PAC-10 Preview." I guess that bodes well when Arkansas visits USC second week of the season. I also didn't know that the Hawgs had a QB named Robert Johnson. Is an SEC and National Championship run worth selling your soul to the Devil? I guess we'll find out when the Razorbacks visit Mississippi...


At 6:52 PM, Blogger S.A.W.B. said...

I've got to say, that while I like Stewart Mandel's writing most of the time, he, and just about every other journalist/talking head, has dismissed the SEC as being THE power conference in the nation.

Here's how I see things shaking out:


1 - Georgia - UF is in transition, and UT still has plenty of holes. Georgia will run it's way to the title on offense, and the defense will be stout enough to let the offense run the clock out.

2 - Tennesee - I don't buy into Iceman Jr. or Erik Ainge at QB. Both looked mighty shaky at times last year. The recieving corps is nothing special. Defense will carry them as far as they go.

3 - Florida - Talent alone buys Urban Meyer a 9 win season in his first as the UF head man. Too many questions at running back and too many holes in the defensive secondary that pure athleticism can't overcome.

4 - South Carolina - The 'Cock and Fire' (that's his name for it) of Steve Spurrier will fire mostly blanks this year. Give Stevie a couple of years to recruit his guys.

5 - Kentucky - Talent base is what seperates them from...

6 - Vanderbilt - ...these guys. The death of their starting tailback will be way more than Jay Cutler can overcome from the Quarterback slot. Overmatched and overwhelmed all year.


1 - Alabama - You heard it here first. Brodie Croyle stays healthy, and the Tide win 6 of 8 to take the mostly mediocre West.

2 - Auburn - Too many holes to plug to finish back on top. However, they will beat out...

3 - LSU - ...the other Tigers. Losing your starting tailback for the season drops you down more than a couple pegs. Defensively, they've got a lot to overcome as well. New Coach Les Miles had better do his best loaves and fishes job if he wants to finish near a major bowl.

4 - Ole Miss - An improved defense, and a running quarterback bring this bunch to the edge of respectability. The lynchpin will be the game against...

5 - Missippi State - the improving MSU Bulldogs. Year two of Sylvester Croom sees 5-6 wins, and perhaps the first egg bowl win in years.

6 - Arkansas - Somebody has to finish last. I'm picking these guys. No offensive identity, no defensive playmakers, makes for a long year in Fayetteville.


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