24 August 2005

Now, I Love Playing Golf...

But this article is simply one of the funniest sports diatribes I have ever read in my life. I hope Sports Illustrated keeps Mr. Mohr around for at least some freelance stuff.

Consequently, the funniest thing I've ever heard Mr. Mohr say was on his stand-up circuit. He was talking about the news (yeah, this should probably go on the other Hurricane Radio site, but at least the Mascot article has comments over there...) and how high ranking members of Al-Queda were meeting in caves in Afganistan. He said "Now, you know you've really kicked a country's @$$ if the folks running the show have to meet in a cave!"

But anyway, this guy's already a better comedian turned sportswriter than Limbaugh and Miller.

My $0.02.


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