06 July 2005

Signing class woes

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We're down to 14 qualifying signees for this year's heralded Bulldog signing class. The latest casualty is Jamar Bryant, a 2004 non-qualifier who as of yet has not qualified to enter UGA, and will transfer to East Carolina.

I'm not going to make any inferences into the situations of Mr. Bryant, or Mr.'s Corey Moon, Darius Dewberry, or Brandon Sesay, the other 4 non-qualifiers who Georgia signed and recruited, because there is no telling what went on in their education that would keep them from passing the SAT. What I will expound on is this:

Signing classes are entirely overrated.

There, I said it. Now, I know i'm making myself public-enemy numero-uno to all the recruiting nuts out there, but let me make my point. Just because some 17-18 year old kid can catch a football, or hit the guy carrying it, does not mean that same kid has any business whatsoever on a college campus.(see, Williams, Willie). That said, I understand why coaches make reaches on some of these kids. When you have the entire alumni base breathing down your neck to get the next physical specimen who will bring your program from the depths of the conference to the promised land, you think long and hard about whether or not that kid you're handing a free education to, will actually be able to get into your school.

Examples, you ask? Sure. When's the last time you heard of Vanderbilt having a non-qualifier? Better example? The Knox County(TN) lockup may field a better starting 22 this season than the University of Tennesee.

I think the Dawgs will be fine, and I think most of these kids will ultimately sign with Georgia next year, if they can get themselves straight at one of the prep schools.

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Willie Williams, football recruit


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