13 June 2005

You Can't Spell "Circuit Court"...

...without UT


I hate to nitpick at stuff like this, 'cause I know that noone in college football is squeaky clean. But I was able to round up some differences in the way Phillip Fulmer and the State of Tennessee run their Division 1-A College (cough) convict release (cough) football program and the way Mark Richt and the Georgia folks run theirs.

At Tennessee, you can apparently beat the living daylights out of students who pay tuition. And the district court bumps you down to a misdemeanor. I'm sure the judge doesn't show up to any of the home games in a skybox this year.

Now, I know the Dawgs have had their problems with discipline in the past. I know we have problems with discipline now. But Mark Richt says loud and clear you can't keep breaking the law and stay on the team. Mad props to the Top Dawg for that decision. We may lose a bit when it comes to senior leadership, it may cost us a few tackles, but it will be worth it down the road.

Thank you, Coach.



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