09 June 2005

Roundup of the Day

National: ESPN pulls out of coaches poll. Another win for media transparency. Ever since Cal got bumped by winning a game, this has been in the news. The other day, the Coaches announced they would publicize the last poll of the year (the one that puts college football teams into the BCS big money bowls), but that wasn't good enough for actual journalists with standards. Hopefully, with this and the end of the Associated Press Poll contributing to the BCS picture, the BCS will be on the way out as soon as possible.

Local: Middle Tennessee State (Troy's big rival in the Sun Belt Conference) hosts football camp in Glynn County Stadium. Every year, Troy and MTSU play for the "Palladium Cup" in the big rivalry game. They call it the World's Largest Outdoor Toga Party. I may have to visit with camera in tow...


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