14 June 2005

Justice and Media

First of all, the Justice part. Ol' Logan got nailed for breaking really real laws by bribing state employees. They sentenced this Elephant Booster to six months in prison. I guess the cell they had for Martha Stewart had to be put to use somehow. I am actually glad to see the folks responsible getting whupped up on. The NCAA does too much, far too late when putting programs on probation years after the violations have been committed. In my opinon, that is.

And the Media. As the Jerzey for Georgia Coaltion has already released, the most really real journalists in the world are sports reporters. Fair, Balanced and Truthful, most of these guys actually care about getting the story right. Here's to one of the best dynamic duos gettin' it back together over at ESPN. Even if it is for just one night a week!


At 1:09 AM, Blogger S.A.W.B. said...

Re: Logan Young...

There is no way in hell that his appeal of the 'bribing a public servant' charge does not get overturned. There is no precedent ANYWHERE for terming a high-school football coach a 'public servant', simply because he happens to be paid on the county/city payroll.

If the conviction of that charge is not overturned, then there is the very real possibility that this case will open the door to a whole spate of nuisance lawsuits.

Let me paint a picture for you. Say I have a water heater that is old and busted that I need to get rid of. I don't feel like hauling it to the dump. If I were to pay my garbage man $20 to dump it for me, I would be guilty of bribing a public servant assuming two things:

1 - that the garbage man is paid on the municipality payroll.
2 - that having him dump the water heater is illegal.

I know this is a poor example, but it's late, and i'm tired...

more later...


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