24 June 2005

Follow ups and new strings

While SAWB prepares his "How to Fix the NCAA in 10 EZ Steps" Essay (though it would take only two IMHO: 1) disband it 2) start from scratch, but I digress) I thought I should put together the latest sports roundups that have come across my wire. Some may be old, and there is a large preponderance to SportsIllustrated articles, as it is the off season, and I am more of a football guy.

Following up on Alabama football, specifically the appeals process of Logan "the crookedest guy with the coolest comic book name" Young. Even deeper on the same host page is this sportswriter with his own blog, who compares the Logan Young trial to Michael Jackson since the verdicts came down on the same day!

Speaking of Alabama and football, Troy University (for whom I work) has an etiquette page on their website. (can you imagine an SEC school with an etiquette page?) What's even bigger than that, is their netiquette page. You can check that out here. That doesn't have much to do with sports, I know, but I found it while nosing around for some sports news. Some internet strings are too difficult to resist!

And in other news of the wierd and desperate, the BCS is following such successful organizations as Geico advertising and the Democratic Party by getting together their own focus groups to direct their message. This opens up all kind of smart alec comments about elections recall suits by Auburn and Cal for "voting anomolies." Hah! (Sorry to bring politics into the sports page, I just couldn't resist the dig ;)

And for the finale, and followup for SAWB's earlier comment, welcome to the Sports Spin Zone. Apparently "bad decisions in front of crowds of people" count, at Florida State at least, as "medical problems." Up in Athens they call that QCS as in "Quicny Carter Syndrome."

I'm also nosing around to find Bulldawg illustrated online. The url was acting funny earlier.

Also, from this moment forward, I shall be a dork and call this site the sports "blawg."



At 8:11 PM, Blogger Meredith said...

okay, first . . IMHO? humble? hmmmm . . . that's funny.

second, well . . . that last sentence is in print. 'nuf said.



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